Recognizing Death

The other day, I was watching “The Bone Collector” which featured Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie as co-stars. It was very interesting to watch and scary to imagine that murderers you see in movies exist in real life too. There was this one scene where the police officer walked up to the villains’ car from his car to interrogate him since there has been a series of murders with the same taxi that the villain was driving to pick up new victims from various locations. The officer asked the criminal to show his ID card; and right there and then, the criminal shot the officer dead.

I suppose it’s because he didn’t want to get caught. Though, that one scene made me think later on that you can die at any moment. A person can have so many goals and dreams in mind, death is the last thing that they’ll think about. Then just out of nowhere, something happens and they’re six feet under. Two years ago, I was very confident that nothing could ever happen to me because I’m so young. I’m a safety first person and I have no illness, what can possibly happen? 

Then unfortunately, my grandmother passed away after months of being in the hospital. I feel that it wasn’t her time to go, but it’s life right? To put the icing on cake, I see so many news headlines of people of all ages getting shot dead, kidnapped or declared simply missing at the moment. It makes me truly realize that no matter your living situation or wherever you’re at in life, anything can happen. Now, I’m not saying to continually think about when you’re going to die, God forbid. 

What I’m saying is to recognize that life is fleeting and that we’re all just humans, in the end. I believe in God’s time as always, and I don’t think it’s my time to go, yet. However, I also recognize the fact that as a human, one day I will rest in peace. Whether, it’s sooner or hopefully later. 

The feeling is quite bittersweet to recognize that you’re powerless against “life”, and God especially. Some know this fact, but take it in a negative way. I’ve heard phrases from certain people that I know such as, “Why tire myself to accomplish things when I’m just going to die at the end of the day?” For me personally, it’s because I know my time is limited on earth that I feel the need to accomplish something that I would be proud of. When I’m taking that last breath of life that God graced me with from the beginning to end, I would want to think about what choices I made and what I did with my life, instead of what I didn’t. 

The feeling is extremely painful to reflect back on choices you did not make because you were too fearful or skeptical. Almost in all of my errors that I committed thus far, I’ve learned something valuable from them. I usually say in plenty of my blogs where I’ve said things such as, “If I did not make those mistakes then and had someone correct me for it or even have myself recognize and correct my mistake, I would make the same error over and over again; and I will not be the same person that I am today.” Sometimes, you have to make the bad choices first, in order to make a good one. For others, it could be different too. That’s the beauty of life. 

Life actually grants us multiple chances, we probably don’t recognize them. Therefore, before it is time for me to go, I want to achieve feats that will make me proud of myself. What triggered me to write this blog was this one post I read from a wise person, @mitchteemly. There’s this quote he has in his blog “Life and Death”,

“Throughout the whole of life one must continue to learn to live, and what amazes us even more, throughout the whole of life one must continue to learn to die.” ~ Seneca 

That quote itself is amazing, and it helped me recognize a little more of how much there is yet, to discover about life and death. Thank you Mr. Teemly for your eye-opening blog!

I don’t want to die and I’m a little bit terrified of the thought, but I know one day I will. By continuing to learn to live, I will make choices, no matter what they are and what impact they may hold, that’ll make me grow as a person. Leading me to the last part of the quote, “throughout the whole of life one must continue to learn to die,” by making choices that I feel are right under God’s light, the day I die I will leave no regrets behind. So in a beautiful way, I am accepting and recognizing death.


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