Gucci’s Scandal on Blackface

Just almost two weeks ago, the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, came under fire for a school year book where he wore a black faced costume while, his friend wore a KKK costume. Here’s a credible site on this scandal if you are not familiar with the details: His excuse was that he did not know any better before stating that it was not him in the photo and he does not remember. 

The Italian brand which originated in Florence, Gucci, came out with a similar apology that the Governor gave originally a few days ago concerning the sweater they made for women’s wear that oddly resembled like blackface. What really made me decide to write this long post is when I read post  on Instagram talking about boycotting Gucci for only 3 months as a way to protest. 

So if I understand correctly, black people won’t buy Gucci today but they will tomorrow since they already made their point? For example, I read a comment stating that black people will soon forget about this incident just like they did with H&M. Earlier last year, the Swedish company H&M released a sweater with a black boy posing wearing it with the exact words written on it, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.” Here’s a credible site regarding this previous scandal if you are not familiar with it: Many people forgot about that. Soon, this will be forgotten as well. Moreover, H&M aren’t the only brands who’ve done such things. The irony is real, isn’t it?

All over my Instagram feed, I can see various black people boycotting Gucci because of their photo of black face representation. I’ve also noticed many comments under different posts on there regarding this issue saying they no longer like Gucci and that they expected better. First of all, why do people like Gucci anyway? Why is it that it’s mainly black people who buy them? They are the biggest customers and promoters of Gucci. They promote Gucci for free through their music and/or fashion. 

They buy it just for the brand and extravagance of their jewelry. I’ve literally seen clothes that Gucci sells for hundreds of dollars that you could get at other less known brands that look exactly alike and the quality is extremely good too. It isn’t a coincidence that Gucci released that photo last week. 

“Racism is like a Cadillac, they make a new model every year.” ~ Malcolm X 

I am happy and blessed that I did not grow up in an environment where flashy items interested me greatly. No matter how much money a person may earn, if they possess a poor mentality it will show through their actions.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” ~ Bob Marley


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